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Equipment Rental

Public utilities such as electricity, water, gas, sewer and broadband internet services are required in our day to day life. However, little thought is put into maintaining or protecting these services until an emergency occurs.

Once an emergency occurs you need someone, with a set of established practices, prepared to immediately respond to your emergency.


We are always prepared for immediate response:

  • Storm damages: utilities, roadways, embankments

  • Sewer main (lateral) leaks or breaks

  • Fix another contractors work

  • Water lateral (service) breaks

  • Septic Tank requires replacing

  • Cut or damaged dry utilities: electrical, cable and telephone


Upon arrival we will:

  • Assess and Control the extent of damage.

  • Manage the job from start to finish, if required.

  • Obtain permits with the city.

  • Restore public utilities, if required.

  • Grade and patch asphalt, cement, sod or other surfaces as required.

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