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Main Sewer Line Repair


  • Does a sewer leak or break cause an immediate safety issue?
    Yes, depending on the sewer problem there are several health and environmental concerns. Sewer gas may contain methane gas (CH4) which causes asphyxiation. Sewer gas can contain hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) which presents a health hazard. Sewage can leak into the storm drain which runs out into the ocean. Sewage can also seep into walls, water supplies or a neighboring home or business.
  • Is a permit required to fix a broken or leaking sewer line?
    Many times a permit is required. Once a sewer problem occurs a business or homeowner is faced with obeying local law, purchasing permits, and passing inspections without incurring fines.
  • How much does it cost to replace a sewer line?
    A sewer break or leak has its own set of problems: cause, severity, time and location are a few of the elements one has to consider. For example it will cost less to replace a sewer pipe in the yard than it would to replace one under a slab of concrete. ​ We know you want a definitive price, but it really depends on your situation.
  • Who should I call to fix my sewer line?
    When the sewer pipe is outside or under a slab of cement, you will save money by calling a Class “A” General Engineering Contractor. Why will you save money? Because they will call us and charge you for our services plus a commission for happens everyday. We are committed to bringing you quality customer service and workmanship, Kisling Construction carries a Class “A” licenses permitting Donovan and his team to Relocate – Remove – Upgrade and Install your sewer line.
  • Why Choose Us?
    Established Company With Over 40 Years Of Experience Class “A” General Engineering License Work with municipalities to obtain permits and schedule inspections. Sub-grade preparation, backfill, rough grading, repair concrete and asphalt Insured and Bonded
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